Discussion with a beekeeper

Discussion with a beekeeper

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Materská škola Šafárikova 11, Trenčín



Amount of time needed to accomplish your project

1 day

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The problem

- why is nature a source of knowledge?

- why is man a part of nature?

- why do we feel comfortable in nature?

- why does nature heal people?

- why is it good to know medicinal and useful plants?

- why are bees important?

The solution we used

Given the quality of the child's gradual awareness of being part of nature, it is necessary for children to supplement and improve their knowledge of nature, herbs, plants, etc., through exploration with an attitude of natural curiosity. At the same time, with this project we also want to develop in children an appreciation of the results not only of their own work but also of the work of others, and at the same time an understanding of the importance of nature for our life on Earth.


Discussion with a beekeeper